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Designer and lifestyle curator, Marita Stavrou, is dedicated to creating stunning residential and commercial spaces that blend elegance and sophistication.


Having spent her early years traveling the world as a model-actor, Marita honed her skill for collecting relics from intricate Moroccan tables to fine Italian fabrics. This is portrayed in her work with a uniquely refined eye and innate understanding of how to craft a cohesive space, marrying fine art, sensibility, and modern luxury. 

Marita's impressive body of work ranges from designing modern homes, decorating breathtaking interiors, staging television productions and curating private art collections for her clients. The Miami-based designer has collaborated with big names such as the Lenny Kravitz Design Group whom she collaborated with to construct a recording studio parallel to a photography studio, bringing together music and modeling to the forefront of the Setai lifestyle. Also on the list is R. Simmons, who has lauded her work in New York City. 

Her list of design projects include the Private Real Estate Club of the Setai Hotel, the Can Luna Residence in Ibiza, and the new construction of the Miami Venetian Private Residence in San Marino Island, where one can witness her quintessential ability to connect indoor spaces with their natural surroundings.​


A philanthropist at heart, Marita is passionate about empowering young women that can be seen through her work, which includes a collaboration with the BBALP-Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project to design libraries in Africa.


Marita's mission is to create a highly personalized space for her clients in which they feel elevated, inspired, and right at home. 


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